Home Grown NZ – Cultivating Relationships Through Food, Craft and Agriculture

Home Grown is an experience company owned and operated by a small cluster of families striving towards lives of simplicity and cooperation in a rural context. Over the years we have sought to intentionally participate in life together, learning new skills in craft and agriculture in a relational context. These authentic, grass-roots experiences are bringing a richness and joy into our lives that we want to share. Home Grown, cultivating relationships through food, craft and agriculture.

togetherness. noun.

a feeling of closeness or affection from being united with other people



Companionship often begins or develops around food, the word “companion” can literally be translated “with bread”. Therefore, it’s no surprise that “Family Style” meals, serving one another from dishes set out on the table, provide a wonderful context for getting to know each other. Home Grown is pleased to offer the The Saturday Night Dinner Experience at Hansen’s Cafe and Store, a complete hand-crafted meal that caters to just 55 by-reservation dinner guests. The family style format does not require your party to be a family, you can be single and still participate in the style of eating that makes room for conversation and laughter. We’ve found that this meal format invites people who are open, engaging and interested in getting to know others. Depending on the size of your group, you may share a table with one or more other groups. Often three couples who formally did not know one another will sit together and become fast friends by the end of the evening.

Our October 20th event is an Italian Evening with the following menu:

ApertivoGingerino, a fresh ginger and citrus sparkler

AntipastoStuffed Mushroom with breadcrumbs and parmesan cream cheese

Piatto PrincipaleHerb Crusted Free Range Chicken Breast with spinach, sundried tomato, artichoke hearts and mozerella, Riscossa Pasta and Alfredo Sauce, Caeser Salad, Green Beans Amandine, Garlic Breadsticks

DolceBaked Sour Cream and Passionfruit Cheesecake

DigestivoMulled Spiced Berry Toddy (non-alcoholic)

Cost – $49pp ($22.50 children 12 and under)

Join us on October 20th by booking here.



Craft – the art of work. Many daily work activities can become craft by simple applying care and skill. Home Grown offers “make your own” workshops run by members of our families in traditional crafts such as woodwork and basket weaving as well as in many of the skills needed in the home.

Our workshops are held on Saturdays and are limited to just six people per workshop. They run from 10am until 5pm and include lunch and afternoon tea. The two options for October 20th are all-natural soap making and making an oversized clock from historic American barn board.

Oversized Authentic American Barn Board Clock

Join Eddie as he teaches you how select and layout your authentic American barn boards to create your own character time piece. These oversized clocks tell a story as well as the time and will complement your kitchen, lounge or dining room. This class is best attended by those who have some comfort using power tools but this is not necessary. Eddie will work with your skill level, offering assistance to help you through each stage of the process.

Date: October 20th, 10am – 5pm

Cost: $399 (limited to 6 participants)

All Natural Hard and Liquid Soaps

Join Tressa as she teaches you how to make a batches of hard and liquid all-natural soaps. You’ll take home your own cake of hard soap, along with supplies to make another and also a quality soap pump and refill. Soap making is the perfect craft for those who

Date: October 20th, 10am – 5pm

Cost: $269 (limited to 6 participants)



The families at Home Grown are discovering a life rhythm linked to the land. Through growing vegetables, raising animals and working the land together we are beginning to move at a different pace, with priorities based on the “times and seasons”. Along with the seasonal ebbs and flows, cooperative agrarian efforts with family and friends are restorative to both our minds and our relationships. The seasonal cycles of authentic, small scale horticulture and animal husbandry can provide a mooring and a rhythm for the whole of life. We offer classes that link to the land but also incorporate agricultural experiences into our weekend retreat package. We’re currently completing the content of our  


Weekend Retreat Packages

We’ve bundled accomodation, food and experience together in the hopes of provide a truely restorative weekend. We know that just one night away is not enough so our hope is that you can arrive on Friday night and leave on Sunday afternoon. Our Weekend Packages are timed to coordinate with the Hansen’s Cafe Saturday Night Dinner Experience and will include crafts that vary from weekend to weekend. Please visit our “Packages” page to make your reservation.



The Heritage Retreat Tiny Home and Glamorous Camping Site are located in Kimbolton Village